BioTrade provides a platform for experts and organizations specialized in supporting enterprises to produce and export natural ingredients and processed agricultural products complying with the international standards to high-end markets in Europe, United State, Japan.. etc.

BioTrade was derived from the initiative that launched in 1996 started by UNCTAD to support the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity and now being embraced by some segments of the private sector and certain governments globally.

BioTrade was introduced and developed in Vietnam in the early 2010s under the financial support of the Swiss Government and has become the core transaction of the ecosystem where local export companies could develop sustainable supply chains and approach potential markets through efficient trade promotion and value chain services.

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About Us
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Our Mission

BioTrade’s mission is to ensure the provision of top quality services to companies through the coordination with and build capacities of business support organisations, consultants in sustainable value chain development and trade promotion.

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Our Vision

BioTrade is home to a community of companies, both exporting ones from Vietnam and the region and importing companies in Europe, USA, Japan, etc. who have strong commitments to sustainability and biodiversity, and embrace the values of society, environment and people in their trade practices. BioTrade provides and coordinates top quality services to companies in the development of the sustainable supply chains and promotion of their products into new markets.

BioTrade Principles

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Conservation of biodiversity
About Us
Sustainable use of biodiversity
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Equitable sharing of benefits deriving from the use of biodiversity
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Socio-economic sustainability (management, production & markets)
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Compliance with national and international registrations & agreements
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Repsect for the rights of actors invovled in BioTrade activities
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Clarity about land tenure, use, and access to natural resources and knowledge
Socio-economic sustainability (management, production & markets)

About our team

We are a young and dynamic group of specialists who have rich experience and expertise in providing business consultation services. Our ambition is to become a top service provider who could deliver the best quality services to our clients. Our team has grown during the BioTrade project implementation and gained extensive experience when working with private companies. We have strengths in following aspects.

About Us
Top Services

Have a large pool of leading professionals in our network, who could join our team to provide top-quality service.

About Us
Great Expertise

Have 10 years of experience in supporting companies to develop sustainable supply chain and expand their market.

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Strong Network

Have a great network with local exporters and international importers.

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Strategic partnership

Have great experience in liaising with local government authorities which will help ease the relevant procedures.


Key Partners

  • Business Support Organizations (National and local associations, Trade Promotion Organizations, certification consulting companies): Vietrade, Profound, SIPPO…
  • Biodiversity NGOs, International and local media agencies: HELVETAS Vietnam, SNV, IDH, FFI, Mimosa…
  • Sustainable value chain advisors, business consultants, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Vinasamex, Son Ha Spice, Visimex, Hagimex, DACE…


  • Creating a network of BioTrade companies producing and trading natural ingredients and having capacity to improve their exports to international markets.
  • Supporting to develop sustainable supply chains in the diverse sectors including coconut, cinnamon, star anise, tea, benzoin, and pepper.
  • Building capacity for BioTrade companies in improving business process and management.
  • Support to increase BioTrade companies’ trade turnover.
  • Developing a pool of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) and value chain experts, and building their capacity in supporting BioTrade companies to comply with sustainable certifications through high-quality services.
  • Raising public awareness on BioTrade – Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through trade.
  • Connecting key partners to address supply chain challenges through the research project on heavy metals for cinnamon, development of sustainable value chain and carbon-reduction initiatives.
  • Advocating for the orientations of sustainable development for cinnamon sector in Yen Bai and Lao Cai provinces by Yen Bai and Lao Cai authorities.
  • Advocating for the adoption of sustainable practices and BioTrade principles in the cinnamon and coconut sectors by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

Key Result 2021


USD 9.000.000

Trade turnover of SMEs

10 companies

develop buyer

4 companies

become UEBT’s

3.000 people

benefit from improved income or
working conditions

7 companies

get sustainable
About Us

About CRED

Center for Rural Economy Development (CRED) is a leading Vietnam-based Non-Profit Organization (NGO), working for the elimination of poverty and greater inclusion of disadvantaged groups including the poor, women, youth and ethnic minorities in sustainable development and economic growth.

By now, CRED has actively diversified activities from project management, consultancy services in the fields of value chain development for agroforestry products including planting, collecting, processing, sourcing and exporting of agroforestry products according to international standards as well as non-agricultural products such as tourism and handicrafts.

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