How To Find A
Buyer & Partner

Market analysis


A market analysis is a thorough assessment of a market within a specific industry. With this analysis, you will study the dynamics of your market, such as volume and value, potential customer segments, buying patterns, competition, and other important factors. A thorough marketing analysis should answer the following questions below.

For Who?

  • BioTrade company members
  • Exporter

Why participate?

To answer:

  • Who are my potential customers?
  • What are my customers' buying habits?
  • How large is my target market?
  • How much are customers willing to pay for my product?
  • Who are my main competitors?
  • What are my competitors' strengths and weaknesses?

How to attend  with us?

  • Step 1: Contact for consultant
  • Step 2: Provide information about the target market and expectations about the market analysis report
  • Step 3: Develop a plan and timeline of work
  • Step 4: Implement and Follow up
  • Step 5: Approval final report

Trade mission


Trade mission is an international trip by company (including buyer and seller) that is organized by BioTrade for search or review of international business opportunities.

For Who?

  • BioTrade company members
  • International buyer
  • Government or trade promotion organization

Why participate?

  • Directly connect with potential buyer or seller
  • Finding international business opportunities
  • Partner assessment
  • Visiting and introducing products and plantation area of partner
  • Support logistics and set up in line of your partner requirement

How to do Trade Mission with us?

  • Step 1: Register and make a specific request about the expectations of the trade mission
  • Step 2: BioTrade builds work plans and quotes
  • Step 3: Implement and Follow up

Trade fair


Attending international events and tradeshows brings out many benefits for both new and experienced exporters, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, increase your visibility, introduce products to a new market and maintain a presence in an existing market. For new to export companies, it is often good to start by exhibiting at a domestic show with a large number of international attendees. For expanding and experienced exporters, you will find no better place than a global trade show to reach prospective customers.

For who?

  • BioTrade company members
  • Vietnamese SMEs who export sustainable products in the Natural Ingredient sector to European countries

Why participate?

  • Closing deals and making sales
  • Generating high-quality leads
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Competitor analysis
  • Updating latest trends and demands

How to attend Trade Fairs with us?

  • Register
  • Assess your export readiness and create your business profile
  • Identify your goals and intentions
  • Select the exhibition suitable for business's sector
  • Planning
  • Attending a trade fair
  • Post-event support and recommendations

B2B Matchmaking


The rapid impact of COVID-19 around the globe has created flexible ways to reach new customers and markets. As a leading matchmaking provider, we work collaboratively with national and international partners to offer B2B matchmaking services, both physical and virtual.

For who?

The companies who have demand for exporting sustainable products in the Natural Ingredient sector to high-end markets, or who want to find local partners in Vietnam.

Why participate?

  • Business opportunities and networking
  • High chance to get new customers
  • Saving time and costs
  • Learning how to market your products professionally
  • Making your marketing and communication materials appealing to potential customers

How Virtual Matchmaking Works?

  • Register
  • Assess the export readiness and collect documents
  • Send offer letter to buyer and match
  • Attend meetings
  • Post-meeting support

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