Vietnam has been ranked the 16th most biodiverse country in the world and is home to an estimated 15,986 species of flora, offering a wide range of natural ingredients for the food, cosmetic and healthcare industries.
If you are looking for sustainable sources of products and establishing business relationships with supply chain actors in Vietnam, let our experts help! We will find the perfect match for you.

  • We provide insights into the production of natural ingredients, including spices and herbs, essential oils, coconut, and nuts in Vietnam
  • We connect you with sustainable suppliers for ethical sourcing and organize trade missions.
  • We advise you to work with local partners to develop projects/initiatives to promote sustainable agricultural and trade practices.
Ginger Field

Natural Ingredient

The ascending markets for natural ingredients including spices and herbs (cinnamon, star anise, pepper), foods and beverages (shan tea, cashew, coconut) as well as personal care products (essential oils) are turning into huge sectors. Importers can greatly benefit from this fast-growing…

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