New Sourcing Area Development

Having a sourcing area plays an important role to ensure the stable supplies. Currently, many SMEs still rely on the traders to source the products for export. This poses risks to the quality of the products and makes it hard for product traceability. Having no experience in developing new plantation area? Our supply chain specialists will help you identify the appropriate areas and in relevant work with farmers and local government.

Survey requirements

We will work with the company to evaluate your requirements or buyer requirements to develop a work plan for the company and find the planting area that matches the requirements.

Build relationship and approval of government

We assist the company in formulating the proposal and obtaining approval of the development plan with the government.

Build farmer groups

Connect with farmers and build farmer groups according to the company’s management regulations including training, signing contracts…

Management system tools

Building a management system tool for the sourcing area system and guiding the use of the tool for company staff.