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To be eligible for using our BioTrade logo, your company must produce and trade natural ingredients which have been certified with international standards, including Organic, FairTrade, RA, UEBT, UEBT/RA. Additionally, your company should show commitment or take action for promoting sustainable production practices, protecting the environment, and contributing to biodiversity conservation.

BioTrade logos can be printed on products, shipments, and used in media publications, and company documents.

Step 1: Contact, register with BioTrade.

Step 2: Biotrade will conduct a survey and evaluate your company’s eligibility.

Step 3: Your business signs a commitment to use BioTrade logo properly following BioTrade’s policy.

Having the BioTrade logo on your products or shipments is an indication for your commitment towards social responsibility and biodiversity conservation.

Being connected with the BioTrade community, through which more business linkage could be generated.

  • Being a member of BioTrade is a prerequisite condition.
  • Being assessed by BioTrade to ensure eligibility criteria is met.

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