Investment Opportunities

For Exporter

We are supporting export companies in developing new sourcing areas, in case they want to apply UEBT or UEBT/RA standards or the new sourcing area helps conserve biodiversity.
In 2021, we worked with DACE in developing another ginger chain in Phong Nam commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province. DACE has been collaborating with CRED since the first phase of the BioTrade project, and adopting organic standards in its sourcing areas.
This year, the company commits to follow UEBT standard and seeks our support in working with the farmers in Phong Nam commune, to help them switch form maize farming to ginger farming. This livelihood model will help the farmer improve their income, and contributes to protecting the high apes in the neighboring habitat area.
Are you an export company who wants to invest in new sourcing area? Contact us for support.

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For Importer

For importers who are seeking to source commodities from our country, we are providing support in selecting appropriate partners, and in organizing the visits to the production sites and sourcing areas.

In 2020, we have connected Mane – a French importer with Duc Phuc company who are specializing in benzoin gum in developing the sourcing area for benzoin in line with UEBT standard. Mane is currently supporting Duc Phu in terms of consulting package, and investment in sourcing area.

Are you an importer who want to source products from Vietnam? Contact us for support.

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