We provide technical support to help local businesses in agro-forestry sector identify new plantation areas, working with local agencies in relevant procedures, and establish relations and arrangements with farmer groups. We help companies enhance their export readiness, and competitiveness to increases chances to expand their market. Additionally, our experts will guide companies in adopting sustainable standards, and connecting with buyers through trade intermediation services.

Develop New Sourcing Area

New Sourcing Area Development

Having a sourcing area plays an important role to ensure the stable supplies. Currently, many SMEs still rely on the traders to source the products for export. This poses risks to the quality of the products and makes it hard for product traceability.

Are you having no experience in developing new plantation area? Our supply chain specialists will help you identify the appropriate areas and in relevant work with farmers and local government.

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Certification Consultancy


Acquiring international sustainability standards helps increase product value and business competitiveness in the export market. The certification process will go through some key steps. Read more here to see how we can help you get international certification.

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Trade Promotion

Trade Promotion

By providing tailored services and connecting you to our network, we will help you to address gaps in compliance, identify the latest sustainable trends and increase your access to global markets. Let our experts help!

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Export Readiness Assessment Form

Are you not yet exporting to the global market, should your company start exporting to the global market? Or If you are already exporting to the global market, do you want to enlarge your exports to the global market?

Please take this short questionnaire to assess your export readiness and provide us with your company’s information so that we can find suitable solutions for you.

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