2022 is the first year many natural ingredients SMEs participate in Foodexpo, especially this time, businesses have received great support from the Biotrade. With the desire to encourage businesses to interact and approach international commercial customers, Biotrade with AFT has supported businesses from booth layout to training  on how to participate in trade fair effectively.

After 4 days of participating Foodexpo, SMEs had many opportunities to experience and apply the trained knowledge into practice. On average, each participating enterprise’s booth attracts over 200 visitors per day. Representative of Hanuti – Ms. Thuy – Deputy Director shared: “After participating in the training, the company itself has changed its approach to customers to find out the needs of customers. Hanuti has connected with more than 100 customers a day, including many buyers from markets such as Japan, America, Europe… Finding customers quickly and efficiently is also a success of Hanuti when participate in the trade fair.”

The success of businesses participating in this Foodexpo also contributes to affirming the values ​​​​that the Biotrade project brings to businesses, especially the group of natural ingredients exporters. It is hoped that in the coming time, the project’s activities will attract more participation of SMEs in the industry across the country.

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