Palmania JSC is a small, woman-owned company with 100% female staff. It has succeeded in exporting its products to the Finland Market in small quantities. The company’s products are made from Palmyra nectar, including molasses (soft palmyra nectar), powdered sugar and some other by-products. Thanks to the cooperation contract with producers, Palmania has a stable source of raw materials, and the producers have a steady income because the price they receive is twice the market rate. According to Ms. Chau Soc Oanh – one of the farmers supplying palmyra nectars to Palmania, “Since cooperation with the company, our income has been stable and doubled compared to before. We were supported with trainings on harvesting techniques, food hygiene and safety to ensure quality. The company also supported a sugar stirrer for my family to ensure consistent quality when cooking nectar.”

Ms. Chau Ngoc Diu, CEO & Co-founder of Palmania added, “We want to expand the market, both to increase revenue, and to support more farmers to contribute to improving their lives. To do this, we are researching new product lines to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.” The Association of Food Transparence (a business support organization in Vietnam), together with the Regional Biotrade SECO – Phase 2, is assisting Palmania in complying with the required sustainable production systems, develop- ing new products (Palmyra nectar syrup, Fresh Palmyra nectar), and supporting the company to participate in trade promotion activities.

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