Do you know that products extracted from natural ingredients are occupying a large market share in developed countries? The demand for products that protect biodiversity and meet sustainable standards is strongly increasing, creating opportunities for businesses in the natural ingredients industry.

To spread key messages about biodiversity protection, encourage sustainable practices, attract more enterprises to convert production, business and export models as well as enhance the brand image of sustainable products in Vietnam. The Biotrade project is working with Mimosa Communications, a local communication and media agency, to develop a communication strategy that encourages all project partners to participate in communication to raise awareness of biodiversity, sustainability certification, and also encourages enterprises to conduct sustainable production. Simultaneously, supporting the efficient use of natural resources and contributing to biodiversity protection.

Mrs. Nguyen Huyen Trang, Director of Mimosa Communication Company, has nearly 20 years of experience in the marketing communications industry and has successfully implemented many domestic and international projects. She and her team of experienced consultants will interact with the BioTrade project’s partner groups to exchange information and share goals in order to develop a communication strategy that serves the goals of all parties involved. This activity not only supports the development of the sustainable natural ingredients industry in Vietnam, but it is also an opportunity for the BioTrade project and its partners to evaluate the effectiveness of their current communication plans as well as build orientations to improve communication activities in the future.

Together With Biotrade Project Spread Out Messages Of Sustainable Practices 01

Join with Biotrade Vietnam now in communication activities with the goal of developing Vietnam’s natural materials industry grow globally. Biotrade is currently supporting export-oriented businesses in Vietnam’s natural ingredients sector with sustainable products that comply with international standards.