BioTrade team is pleased to announce that Son Ha Spice & Flavorings Company Limited – a key partner of the Regional Biotrade Project – phase II (Biotrade SECO) has officially become the first company in the world to achieve the UEBT/RA certification for cinnamon chains in Lao Cai and Yen Bai Province.

After the process of building and developing a sustainable cinnamon sourcing area, together with the support of the Biotrade SECO project in consulting to improve the system and building the “Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)”, Son Ha Spice & Flavorings Company Limited has officially obtained UEBT/RA certification for the cinnamon product chain, contributing to enhancing the position and value of Vietnamese cinnamon products in the international market.

UEBT/RA certification is an international sustainability certification that is increasingly popular in high-end markets such as Europe, the USA, etc. By achieving UEBT/RA certification, the company has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable production and trade associated with biodiversity conservation and fair sharing of local benefits.

This is a great honor of Biotrade team in the mission of accompanying enterprises to export sustainable products in the natural ingredients sector in Vietnam.

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